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Circulation Department

Checking out Material

The Circulation Department checks out material for most of the library's collection. A current McNeese ID card serves as the library card for McNeese students and faculty or staff. "Friends of the Library" are issued a different card. LALINC students have a special card that is issued from their university library.

Members of the General Public may join the "Friends of the Library" for a $15.00 annual fee. These members are granted the same term of loan as students. Membership forms are available at the Circulation Desk.

Loan periods are as follows:

Group Term of Loan
Faculty/Staff end of semester
Students/LALINC 3 weeks
Friends 3 weeks


Faculty/Staff may renew materials only 1 time after the initial loan period has elapsed. Students may renew materials up to 3 times after the initial loan period. Renewals can be done online, go to MY Account in the online public catalog. Reserve materials and items which are on hold for someone cannot be renewed.


Faculty and other staff members may put items on reserve at the Circulation Desk. Reserve loan periods are selected by the faculty submitter, examples: 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day, or 2 days.  Reserve items may not be renewed, and some items are restricted to library use only.

Holds and Recalls

Hold and Recall requests may be placed on items currently on loan to another patron. Hold and Recall requests may be placed in writing at the Circulation Desk.

For a Hold, once the requested item is returned, the requestor will be called, letting them know the item is now available. Hold items will be held for 10 days. For a Recall, the customer who currently has the item will be called, asking that they return it before the original due date. Recalled items will then be held for 10 days and the requestor called stating that the item is now available.

Hold or Recall requests cannot be processed if the requesting customer has a block on their library record or is not currently enrolled/active.


If you are unable to locate an item on the shelves, come check at the Circulation Desk. The item may be waiting to be shelved or it may be missing. Circulation staff will search for the item and let you know the outcome. If they are unable to locate the item you can request it from another library through the ILL Dept.

ILL Pickup/Return

ILL items can be picked-up from circulation, a current McNeese ID or "Friends of the Library" card will need to be shown before the items can be picked-up. When you are through with your ILL items bring them to circulation and let them know the items are being returned.

Overdues and Bills

Overdue notices sent out at: 1 week & 2 weeks.

Bill notices sent out at: 4 weeks & 6 weeks. You are billed for: the replacement cost of unreturned materal and a processing fee of $25 per item.

Penalties for everyone with bills: blocked from checking out materilas, and could eventually be sent to a collection agency. Penalities for students with bills: blocked from registering for classes, blocked from receiving transcripts, eventually sent to collections agency.

Billed items returned within 6 months of due date: student's accounts will be credited for item cost, all others may request a refund.

Lost and Found

The Circulation Dept. has a lost/found area for items left in the library. If you find items in the library bring them to the Circulation Desk.

For further information please contact Mary Jane Bloomquist, Circulation Librarian, at (337) 475-5718 or Circulation Staff at (337) 475-5723. circulation@mcneese.edu


The LALINC (Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Corporation) Borrowing Card allows McNeese faculty, staff, graduate students, and anyone enrolled in a Distance Education course to borrow books and use the services and resources of all universities in the LALINC program.


Students should call before they come in (475-5716), to make sure the person who handles the LALINC cards is available. McNeese Students will need to go to the Library Director's Office for a LALINC Application. You must have your student ID with you. After filling out the application you will be given a card. You must submit this card to the library of the university you will be attending.


On your first visit, please bring your driver's license and LALINC card to the Circulation Department. You will need to do this during normal business hours 8-4:30 Monday-Friday. When the LALINC card is verified, the Circulation staff will enter your information into the system. The checkout period is three weeks. By participating in the LALINC program, a student agrees to abide by the lending policies of participating universities and is responsible for the materials borrowed. NOTE: If lending policies are habitually violated, LALINC privileges could be expired. If you have any questions about the program please contact the Circulation Department Head at 337-475-5718 or circulation@mcneese.edu

New Library User

To check out material fill out a Request For Library Material form, if the location is CORE it will be pulled immediately. Items located in the general collection will be pulled from the old library, you will be notified when they have been pulled. You can fill out the request form online, on the library web page locate Search the Library Catalog/ Request Materials.

A student, faculty or staff must have their current McNeese ID card with them to check out material. "A Friend of the Library" or a LALINC student must have their current card with them, to check out material.

To check your account online you will be asked for your user ID and PIN.

The user ID for students, faculty and staff is comprised of your Banner number, plus 2 additional digits: "01" for faculty and staff "02" for students.

The user ID for Friends of the Library or LALINC student is the number from your card, plus 2 additional digits: "02" for LALINC students "03" for Friends of the Library Examples: 99999999901 (faculty and staff) 55555555502 (student and LALINC) 11111111103 (Friends)

Do not include any dashes or spaces.

PIN numbers are unique identifiers for library customers. Your PIN number can be obtained by accessing My Account then Email Me My PIN.  

If you encounter any problems with your PIN contact the Reference Desk from the following contact points Phone: 475-5725, e-mail: reference@mcneese.edu or chat with a Librarian.

Contact Circulation

For further information please contact

Mary Jane Bloomquist, Circulation Librarian

(337) 475-5718 

Circulation Staff

(337) 475-5723.


Left something in the Library?

The Circulation Dept. has a lost/found area for items left in the library.

If you find items in the library bring them to the Circulation Desk.

Group Study Rooms

Five or more people needing a group study room can call 475-5609 for information or go to the New Ranch Room 207, there are a limited number of rooms available.

The new library location in Parra does not have any Group Study Rooms.