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The Student Union Complex consists of the "New Ranch" and the "Old Ranch". The New Ranch includes several meeting rooms, the Parra Ballroom, a coffee shop, and the student lounge. The Old Ranch houses the Cafeteria and dining areas, Career Services, Media Services, a Computer Lab, the Bookstore, and various other offices. Also, the Office of Student Services can be found on the south end of the Old Ranch including the Print Shop, Post Office, and the President's dining area. The Old Ranch was constructed in 1956 and named for the parish's Police Jury president, W.A. Holbrook. In 1976, architects O'Rourke, Gossen, and Associates and contractor Bartley, Inc. built the New Ranch annex. In 1986, R.S. Kleinschmidt, architect, and Collette Construction Company, contractor renovated the Old Ranch. The north end of the Student Union Complex opens out to an area called "the quad" or quadrangle where students can mingle between classes.

"The Ranch" is conveniently located near the center of the campus. To access the Ranch from Common Street, turn on Cameron Drive. Follow the road to the end and the "quad" will be visible on the north end of the Ranch. From Ryan Street, turn on Beauregard Drive and the Office of Student Services will be on the left at the south end of the Ranch.

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